Tawashih in Egypt.

Religious musical expressions along the Nile.

Here are some samples of the religious artform of the call and response singing of Tawashih.

Sheikh Taha al Feshni represented the ideal voice for both Mohammed Abdelwahab and Umm Kulthum and is well known to large audiences in Egypt but with few exceptions remain virtually unknown to the rest of the world.

Sheikh Taha al Feshni

Listen to "Hob al Hussain" by Sheikh Taha al Feshni

A discography of CD's & Cassettes

Munshiddin in upper Egypt

Tartil - Qur'an recitation

Please note that since there are at least eighty sufi orders in Egypt and large differences exist in practice and ritual even within the same order, many of the circumstances described in these pages may not be valid on a general scale even if they are accureately described they may only be taken as something that was valid locally and at the time!

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