A preliminary draft of the rather stimulating task of trying to reconstruct the
catalogue of the

Sacodis & Sacodisc International labels

A text on Lassissi and the Sacodis Label by Dr. Rhythm

LS 4-77 Son Musique Balofon P.1977

[From Domos very useful and informative list]

LS 5-77 Laba Sosseh - Lassissi presente A Formidable Laba Sosseh - Special Liwanza Band

  • A1 Guantanamera
    A2 Ay Que No
    A3 La Portugita
    A4 Conjura
    B1 El Manicero
    B2 Prepare Candela
    B3 El Guaguanco
    B4 No Quiero El Son
LS 6-77 Unknown

LS 7-78 Amadou Balake - Dans son nouveau style Taximen et autres son. - P.1978

A) 1 Taximen 7.42/ 2 Wariko 5.27/ 3 Migoussia 6.21/
B) 1 Toucaraje 5.50/ 2 Kirikiri 8.33/ 3 Wayisjelequeyele 6.22/

[He's originally from Burkina Faso, but he recorded in Ghana and I think in Abidjan.]

A CD-release pointed out by David N on the pam-label has the following tracks!
ADC 308 Amadou Balake - Taximen

01 Taximen 07:43
02 Wariko 05:27
03 Migoussia 06:21
04 Toucaraje 05:50
05 Kikiriki 08:33
06 Wayisjelequeyele 06:22
07 Kanan N'djanfa 16:44 [bonus track from ?]
08 Soum Grouba 15:58 [bonus track from ?]
09 N'dola Abibou 04:31[bonus track from ?]

LS 8-78 Amadou Balake - VOL. 2 P.1978

1 Super bar konon mousso
2 Tondibama
3 Nabacoulboury
1 Dounignamou
2 Aminata du the
3 Balake ya Mariame

LS 10-78 Doh Albert - du Belier

  • A1 Amian Gouan
    A2 Wo sika
    A3 Always Conjura
    B1 Affiba
    B2 Min djaman wo
    B3 Ènè

LS 8-79 Doh Albert & Houan Pierre du Belier VOL. 1 LS-8-79 (?)

[Yovo has this comment to the LS-28 Moussa Doumbia:
On the Moussa Doumbia LP are pictures of other Sacodis LPs:Doh Albert & Houan Pierre du Belier VOL. 1 LS-8-79 (?) could it be that it was hard to read the LS-?-79 and that it is the same title as the following?

LS 9-79 Doh Albert & Houon Pierre du Bellier - VOL 1 - P.1979
A) 1 Moya/ 2 Nesse min/ 3 O ye nokoli/
B) 1 Man fe dede/ 2 Kafri-Musso/

[tracklisting from Domo] (IVOORKUST)

LS 10-79 Houon Pierre du Bellier & Doh Albert

LS 11-79 Amadou Balake vol. 3 - P.1979
A) 1 Kanan n’djanfa 16.44
B) 1 Soum grouba 15.58 2 N’dola abibou 4.31

Yovo has this comment to the
LS-28 Moussa Doumbia

I leave this here as is until more
detailed information surfaces / LF

On the Moussa Doumbia LP are pictures of other Sacodis LPs:
Doh Albert & Houan Pierre du Belier - VOL. 1 LS-8-79 (?)
Doh Albert & Houon Pierre du Belier - VOL.2 LS 10-79 (?)
Houn Pierre de l'Orchestre Belier Androles (?) - OTE YALE

LS 00 Amadou Balake - Lassissi [presents?] Amadou Balake à Paris - Djala Songon

[Unknown catalogue number, unknown tracklisting, cover kindly supplied by "kirikou" /LF]

Two 45's
Sacodisc SCD 68 01 - Apollo 3:02 Amadou Balake
Sacodisc SCD 68 02 - Kelebila 3:55 Amadou Balake
Sorry no covers!
Sacodisc SCD 69 01 - Warba 4:46 Amadou Balake
Sacodisc SCD 69 02 - Liguiry 4:28 Amadou Balake

New section from LS 01 - LS 110

LS 01 - LS 12 Unknown

LS 13 Unknown
LS 14 Mavos-Meme-Movungu et Marie Bèbe avec L'Orchestre Micky-Micky

Mayina (9:32)
Meme ya Marie Bella (10:15)
Papa ya bana (9:39)
Dodokolo (9:13)

(Thanks Alastair :-)

LS 15 Unknown
LS 21 Lassissi Presents Monguito “el Unico” and his All Star Band
  • [A-01] Manicero [x] (x) 11:07 Monguito
    [A-02] Beti no se ve * [x] (x) 5:07 Monguito
    [B-01] En mi casa bailen Rumba [x] (x) 4:08 Monguito
    [B-02] Bailare tu son [x] (x) 5:37 Monguito
    [B-03] Demeustrame tu que sabes [x] (x) 5:54 Monguito
    [B-04] Echale candela [x] (x) 4:44 Monguito
    * Listing is completely different on sleve compared to the label

[# LS 21 Monguito - From Africa to Cuba / Monguito El Unico 1980 '79 piano/arr. Alfredo Valdés Jr.]

# Mélodie 05081 Monguito El Unico International late 80s incl. From Cuba To Africa '79)

-------- From Domos List:

A) 1 Demeustrame tu que sabes/ 2 Bailare tu son/ 3 Echale candela/ 4 Beto no se ve/
B) 1 Manicero/ 2 En mi casa bailen rumba

LS 22 Amadou Balaké A New York P.1980
A) 1 Yamba/ 2 They lule/ 3 Ligida ranba/
B) 1 Sasilon/ 2 Awa yiriga/

# LS 22 Amadou Balaké - Amadou Balaké A New York '79 piano/arr. Alfredo Valdés Jr.; coro: Monguito

LS 23 Unknown

LS 24 Mamadou Ouedraogo & Orchestre Super Rail Band International - SOVO PER Dioulou Koussoube P.1980

[The Rail Band LP is with Mory Kante and Dexter Johnson./ Yovo-2005.08.28]

LS 25 - L’Orchestre Super Rail Band International - Affair Social P.1980
A 1 Affair social/ 2 Deniyeleka/
B 1 Ma awaba/ 2 Wasso

LS 26 Salsa Africana vol. 1- Lassissi - Monguito el Unico Presents LabaSosseh” in U.S.A.P.1980

  • A-01 Micorason [x] (x) 8:30 Laba “Sosseh” [& Monguito]
    A-02 Ade - Ade [x] (x) 4:55 Laba “Sosseh” [& Monguito]
    B-01 Boniboni [x] (x) 7:02 Laba “Sosseh” [& Monguito]
    B-02 Yatinama [x] (x) 6:02 Laba “Sosseh” [& Monguito]
    B-03 Sitierra [x] (x) 7:45 Laba “Sosseh” [& Monguito]
  • # LS 26 Laba Sosseh - Monguito El Unico Presents Laba Sosseh In USA/ Salsa Africana Vol. 1 '80 piano Alfredo Valdés Jr.

LS 27 Salsa Africana vol. II- Lassissi - Monguito el Unico Presents LabaSosseh” in U.S.A. - P.1980

# LS 27 Laba Sosseh - Monguito El Unico Presents Laba Sosseh In USA/ Salsa Africana Vol. II '80 piano Alfredo Valdés Jr.

LS 28 - Moussa Doumbia - Lassisi presente Moussa Doumbia - P.1980

[Please Yovo, if you can find the time, do be so kind as to send me the tracklisting also!)

[On the Moussa Doumbia LP are pictures of Sacodis LPs:

LS 29 Unknown
LS 30 Lasissi presenté Charanga para todos vol. 1 P.1980
A) 1 Son de la loma/ 2 En Guantanamo/
B) 1 En el monte/ 2 Se muere fermin/

# LS 30 Charanga Para Todos Vol. 1 '80 mus. dir./lead vocals Monguito; piano/arr. Alfredo Valdés Jr.; arr. Cabrerita
LS 31 Monguito El Unico - In Curaçao P.1980
A 1 Me ase falta una Negro/ 2 Roncon caliente/ 3 Deuda/
B 1 Como el macao/ 2 El lema del guaguanco/

# LS 31 Monguito - Monguito El Unico in Curaçao '80 mus. dir./piano Alfredo Valdés Jr.

LS 32 Doh Albert - A Manhattan USA : Salsa Africana Vol.3 - P.1980
A) 1 Seis lindas Cubanas/ 2 Eh guantanamo/
B) 1 Fino/ 2 Macorina/

dir. Monguito; piano/arr. Alfredo Valdés Jr.; arr. Cabrerita

LS 33 Wande Kouyate (MALI) - LA GRANDE VEDETTE MALIENNE -P. 19??
A 1 Flani kano/ 2 Minan nani/ 3 Ne ya me/
B 1 Mali niemaw/ 2 Bouya bathily/ 3 Bakari dian/

LS 34 Doh Albert à New Jersey USA - P.1980

mus. dir. Monguito; piano Cabrera Jr.; arr. Doh Albert

From Domo's List

LS 35 Osenkafo Ik Annin - Vol. 1 P.19??

From Domo's List

LS 36 Osenkafo Ik Annin - Vol. 2 P.19??

LS 37 Lassisi presente Compare Issouf - P. 19??

Tanga Sega
Ritoum Ye

Petite Fille
Je Ne Peux Pas Decider


(Anyone know this guy? Where is he from? A number of the artists on this LP are Ghanaian./ David N)
(Compaore is a Burkinabe name, that much I can tell you /Yovo)

LS 38 Laba Sosseh - Salsa Africana Vol. 4 - P.1980

A1 Abidjan Me voy
A2 Sindjel
B1 Yo tengo una Mujer
B2 Con el Masayo

piano Alfredo Valdés Jr.

Thanks Juan Carlos for your kind help with the Covers and tracklisting!

LS 39 Lassissi presente Tohon Stanislas Dans son Noveu Style Tchink System

- P. 19??

LS 40 Lassissi presente Bazoumana Sissoko - P.19??
LS 41 Lassissi Presents Monguito “el Unico” and his All Star Band - Algo Diferente - P.19??

['80 arrs. Alfredo Valdés Jr. and Cabrerita]

LS 42 Lasissi presente Ambiance Akasavougu Vol. 1 - P.19??

  • 01 Mavangwa 10:15 Ambiance Akasavougou
    02 Lades 9:18 Ambiance Akasavougou
    03 Mokili Kaka Boye 10:07 Ambiance Akasavougou
    04 Sala Ya Yo Makasi 10:33 Ambiance Akasavougou

LS 43 Unknown

LS 44 La "Mus" Africa Zaire - P.19??

LS 45 Ambele Mondo & Mitzoto Wela -Wela - P.19??

  • 01 Yoke 9:58 Ambele Mondo & Mizoto Wela-Wela
    02 Bonina 10:09 Ambele Mondo & Mizoto Wela-Wela
    03 Sekisangai Lassissi 10:28 Ambele Mondo & Mizoto Wela-Wela
    04 Pin Gula 10:27 Ambele Mondo & Mizoto Wela-Wela

LS 46 Celi Bittsu - Matinda P. 19??

  • 01 Matinda 10:16 Celi Bittsu
    02 Consalation 10:10 Celi Bittsu
    03 Lassissi 9:58 Celi Bittsu
    04 Okomi Ndenge 9:55 Celi Bittsu

LS 47 Lassissi presente Empire Bakuba - P.19??

  • 01 Ive Dikando 10:35 Empire Bakuba
    02 Trahison 10:36 Empire Bakuba
    03 Numero Empire 10:32 Empire Bakuba
    04 Tshi-Tshi 8:28 Empire Bakuba

[The cover is edited. get original!]

LS 48 Montuno Parati - P.19??

# LS 48 Montuno Para Ti, Vol. 1 '81 with Melcochita on lead vocals; arrs. Cabrerita

A1 Afro Montuno
A2 Esa Eres Tu
B1 Camino Mas
B2 El Vacilon De Pantaleon

LS 49 Doh Albert à Paris - Fatou Fall - P.19??
LS 50 Unknown

LS 51 Monguito - Monguito El Unico International P.1981

LS 52 Unknown
LS 53 Super Sweet Talks (GHANA) - The Lords Prayer P.1980
A 1 The Lords prayer/ 2 Twe no/ 3 Bura no ano/
B 1 Adjoa/ 2 Cry your own cry/

LS 54 Linda Leida P.1980

A01 El Guajiro Guarachero
A02 Los Carreteros
A03 Camina Con Firmesa
B01 La Vida Continua
B02 Un Majan
B03 Lo De Moda

# LS Linda Leida - Linda Leida 1982 mus. dir./maracas Monguito

LS 55 Unknown
A 1 Kala djoula/ 2 Founnou nanan/ 3 Yougouba/
B 1 Oumou nanan/ 2 Ya woni/

LS 57 -

LS 61 Unknown

LS 62 Ousmane Kouyate P.1980
LS 63 -

LS 67 Unknown

LS 68 Monguito el Unico and his All Star Band - P.19??

  • Alto Songo
    Guajira Something
    Llevalo pal ring
    En el monte
    Echale candela
    La Pasion

# LS 68 Monguito - Alto Songo c. '84 piano Alfredo Valdés Jr.


# LS 69 Montuno Para Ti, Vol. 2 c. '84 with Melcochita and Monguito on lead vocals

Settings - click the picture to enlarge

LS 70 Empire Bakuba - Joe Dikando

LS 71-

LS 73 Unknown

LS 74 Philo Kola - Elle me rend fou

A.1. Elle Me Rend Fou
A.2. Devinez
B.1. Fatou Camara
B.2. Petit À Petit

[Thanks to Juan Carlos for the covers and DavidN for tracklisting!]

DavidN also wrote: The album was recorded in Nov. 1982 at Studio JBZ in Abidjan. Lead vcls: Philo Kola & Zitany Neil. Gtrs: Antoine Manana & Lokassa Ya Mbongo. Bass: Hilaire Penoi. Drums: Ringo Moya. Tumba: Pierre Houon & Lola Muana.

[DavidN wrote: Adoyo, who is the woman singer on FATOU CAMARA?
Adoyo answered: Actually, there are two female singers featured on that album: Antoinette Alani and Mansia M'Bila. I don't know who Antoinette Alani is but Princess Mansia Mbila has released a few albums herself and has been living in Belgium since the late 1980s. If you want to see what she looks like, take a look at the pics on: http://stats.pbase.com/omayok/mansiambila]

A) 1 I am born again 8.18/ 2 I’ve been missing you 6.35/
B) 1 Keep on trying 8.40/ 2 Can’t see you 6.57/

LS 76-

LS 85 Unknown

LS 86 Amadou Balake (Burkina Faso) - in Paris - P. 1987
A 1 Djala songon/ 2 Comissariat/ 3 Ethiopie/
B 1 Cissoko/ 2 Kere Mousso/ 3 Mousso be n’trola/
LS 87 Alfredo Valdes Jr. - A Catano - P. 1987

LS 88 Mel Chochita - A comer lechon - P.1987
LS 89 Djimi Yacinthe - Retro-Plus - P.1987
LS 90 Unknown

LS 91 Moro Beya Maduma - Mamema

A:01 Mamema
A02 Kuiti-Kuiti
B:01 Vicki-Vicki
B02 Perfidia

backed by Orchestre Ambience

[I have the Moro Beya Maduma LP as well. My copy is Lassidisc which I guess is the same as Sacodis(?) /David N] David when you come close to a digital camera or scanner could we have pictures of the labels & coverart, please? No hurry but in due time :-) LF

[Thanks Alastair for sending the tracklisting!]

LS 92 Lassissi Presente Molengi Show - P.1988

A01 Mobutu
A02 Yengue yengue
A03 Papi
B01 Asso e
B02 Bolingo
B03 Na gagnin n’banda

LS 93 Afro-Rythmes presente Defao du Choc Stars - Niki et José - P. 1988

  • A01 Niki et Jose - Defao Matumona
    A02 La vie en rose - Defao Matumona
    B01 Ya tele - Defao Matumona
    B02 Aristote - Defao Matumona
  • [I have the LP that Defao recorded for Sacodisc ("Niki et José", LS-93) and on the front cover is written: "Afro-Rythmes Presente Defao". On the back: Production: Afro-Rythms - Realisation: Aboudou Lassissi. / comment by Adoyo 2005.08.25]
LS 94 Unknown
LS 95 Mav Cacharel P. 1988
LS 96 Unknown
LS 97 Michel Moutouari P.1989
LS 98 Jarrys Fimbo P.198?
A) 1 Ami yelele/ 2 Emeraudiluli/ 3 Deception/
B) 1 Venez dancer/ 2 Ndoto ya hiver/ 3 SOS Sonia/
LS 99 Unknown
LS 100 Jean Baron - Special Ambiance Tournez...Manege

A1 Problème Sentimental
A2 Batchi
B1 Mariam
B2 Paty Bipale

LS 101 Damien Aziwa - Soukouzouk P.198?
LS 102 Dally Kimoko - Titina - P.198?

[Please Adoyo), if you can find the time, do be so kind as to send me the tracklisting also!]

LS 103-

LS 106 Unknown

LS 107 Dindo Yogo P. 198?

Adoyo wrote: I think you are referring here to Dindo Yogo's "Y a pas de sots metiers" LP from 1986. However, it's not a Sacodisc release. The catalogue number is not LS 107 but LO 107. See Dindo Yogo discography at http://www.africasounds.com/Dindo84_91.htm

I leave it in here as I got the reference from 3 different sources but they may of course all be quoting the same erroeneous source./ B.t.w. Adoyo, what label uses the LO prefix?LF.2005.09.25

LDS 21 / 100 Bopol Mansiamina - Mariage Force

A1 Mariage Force
A2 Yenga Yenga

B1 Kala Ye Ngangu
B2 Ye...A Bouger

[David N can you tell me something more about the prefix of this record.

Is it Lassissi-Discostock joint publication or something?]

LS 110 DIVERSE - Music From Ghana Vol. 1 - P.198?

Many thanks to Kirikou, Adoyo, DavidN, and Domo's fantastic list, Juan Carlos, Yovo,Stefan, Anders! Good job!

The Catalogue numbers with a #-sign in front of them are quoted from the wonderful website of descarga.com - a reference also pointed out by adoyo!/LF


A few outstanding issues:
Adoyo wrote: Also, I have a CD of Empire Bakuba's 'Bombe Atomique' and I remember that album was originally a Sacodisc LP when it came out in 1985.

DavidN replied: My copy of that LP is an Afro-Rythmes production.

Adoyo replied: No Sacodisc logo? Does it perhaps have a catalogue # that starts with LS?
I think at some point Ouattara of Afro-Rythmes and Lassissi of Sacodis(c) were working together. I have the LP that Defao recorded for Sacodisc ("Niki et José", LS-93) and on the front cover is written: "Afro-Rythmes Presente Defao". On the back: Production: Afro-Rythms - Realisation: Aboudou Lassissi.

Adoyo replied: No. It has an AR number, AR0999. Maybe it was issued by Sacodis as well.

and some extra bonus
information on
Amadou Ballake

Some non Sacodis Amadou Ballake Albums

I just stick them here until I find a better place for them.

Amadou Balake -
1976 Amadou Traore & Sses Dieux CVD 008
A 1 Djeli fama/ 2 Mbara fo y ko/ 3 Mousso be n’torola/ 4 Dounia mokolou/
B 1 Naaba kougri/ 2 Mossi den/ 3 Super mobili occasion/ 4 Wariko/ 5 Simbara/

Amadou Balake et Les 5 Consuls (CVD No 46)
02 Ligda Remba
01 A La Mémoire du Regretté Demba

Zamidou Prod. 1582, 1981 - Amadou Balake - Afro-Charanga

01 Whiskey et Coca-Cola *
02 Zimbabwe
03 Hayafam
04 Wariko
05 Voiture D'Occasion

* This is a great number for salseros! Wonder if he got payed by the Cola company..

- Here are some alternate titles maybe from two different editions

A) 1 Whiskey y coca-cola/ 2 Zimbabwe aya fam/
B) 1 Wariko/ 2 La voiture d’occasion/