Dear lover of Congolese Music!

I am trying to reconstruct the catalogues of all labels that issued any congolese music on 78 rpm and 45, EP & LP vinyl.

You may have gotten to this page by clicking a link at the webpages of, or maybe because I requested your attention by an email.

If it is the latter, I either found information about you at some other website or in some discussiongroup that had the topic Congolese or African music or recordcollecting or similar, or I may have noticed that you were the winner of some congolese records at the internet auctions (like ebay or tradera etc.) Anyhow....

So how do I think you could help?

Well firstly I would be most thankful if you could supply me with the cataloguenumber(s) of any record(s) that you have that are not in the discographies or of a record you won at an auction. You may also have additional information to one or several records that are already in the discographies.

I would also be a big help if you could find some time to participate by sending the information stored on the records label itself! It will then be included it in the disocgraphy. If you can also supply better pictures or scans of the front and back of the record sleeve it would help much to improve the quality of the disocgraphy.

If you find this endeavour really worthwhile and can send me pictures also of the labels of the record itself (sleve and labels) I would be overjoyed and you will most certainly be remembered as a sharing person that helped to build these discographies!

To see some of the names of other kind musiclovers who have helped so far see:

My sole purpose for doing this volontary, non-commercial and unpaid work with the discographies is just an expression of my love for Congolese music (also expressed in the name of the domain but it is beyond my reach to try to purchase many costly items from ebay so I depend on your kind help for this work to succeed!.

To see some of the discographies I have put up on the net I invite you to visit my site at:

Some direct links to discographies of various labels.

Respectfully yours

Lars Fredriksson

Please mail any information to "disco at bolingo dot org"*

(* replace at with "@" and dot with ".")

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