Zaïre (D.R Congo)

African - 360.164
P. 19??

Roitlet et Roger, Franco, Fylla et. al
Merveilles du Passé
- Les Stars des Annees 50

A-01 Banga Imana (Roger Izeidi) [x] (x) 3:06 Roitelet et Roger
A-02 Imana Ya Daring (Monian A. MA. Mulumba) [x] (x) 2:47 Roitelet et Roger
A-03 Bolingo Esuki (Longomba Victor) [x] (x) 2:43 Victor et Roger
Dusana Moke (Fylla Guy Léon) [x] (x) 2:53 Roitelet et Roger
A-05 Kobanga Te (Yamba Yamba Albert) [x] (x) 2:48 Victor et Roger
B-01 Josephine (Armand dit Brazzo) [x] (x) 2:53 Victor-Roger-Franco
B-02 Antoinette (Momiana Agustin) [x] (x) 3:07 Les Trois Caballeros
B-03 Tozo Na Bozo (Momiana Agustin) [x] (x) 3:03 Roitelet et les Chrs CEFA
E Ya Yo Nlala (P.A.I.) [x] (x) 2:35 Salvador
B-05 E Ndumba Sakuba Wata (P.A.I.) [x] (x) 2:55 Salvador

LP total time: 00:00

LP backside

Comment: (Editions CEFA)

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