Zaïre (D.R. Congo)

African - 360.129
P. 19??

Various Artists
African Party vol. 3

A-01 Bolingo Ya Telephone (x) [0:00] Zizi L'orchestre Los Nichelos
A-02 Dix Makuta (x) [0:00] Franco Orchestre O.K. Jazz
A-03 Kiri Kiri Mabina Ya Sika (x) [0:00] Dr. Nico Orch. African Fiesta Sukisa
A-04 Marie Helena (x) [0:00] Simarro Orchestre O.K. Jazz

B-01 Ndeko Na Ngai Okeba (x) [0:00] J Bokelo Orch. Conga 68 De Bokelo
B-02 Maseke Ya Meme (x) [0:00] Bavon Marie Marie Orch. Negro Success
B-03 Tambola Na Mokili (x) [0:00] J Bokelo Orch. Conga 68 De Bokelo
B-04 Marie Suzie (x) [0:00] Franco Orchestre O.K. Jazz

LP total time: 00:00

LP backside

Comment: Thanks to Anders Hällgren for the tracklistings!

Any more information about this record is most welcome, as is a digital likeness of the cover. LF