Zaïre (D.R Congo)

African - 360.112
P. 19??

Various Artists
L'Afrique Danse

A-01 Kumbe kume (x) [08:53] Orchestre les Trois Freres
A-02 Nostalgie (x) [09:29] Orchestre Stukas Caiman 78
A-03 Diana (x) [10:12] Orchestra Viva la Musica

B-01 Zonga zonga (x) [10:04] Orchestra Viva la Musica
B-02 Verra (x) [08:39] Zaïko Langa Langa
B-03 Idee econo (x) [09:04] Orchestre Stukas Mombombo Kaiman Kita Mata

LP total time: 00:00

LP backside

Comment: Credits goes to Vincent Luttman for supplying the trackinformation & the coverphoto, Thank you Papa!

Any more information about this record is most welcome. LF