Cameroun - Zaïre (D.R Congo)

African - 360.045
P. 1971

Manu Dibango
[Soma Loba]

01 Soma Loba[x](X) X X [X]
Lily [x](X) X X [X]
03 Oa Na Mba [x](X) X X [X]
04 Ngolowake [x](X) X X [X]
Bata Senga [x](X) X X [X]
Idiba [x](X) X X [X]
Munyenge Na Ndutu [x](X) X X [X]
08 Senga [x](X) X X [X]
09 Biso [x](X) X X [X]
10 Afrikani [x](X) X X [X]

LP total time: 00:00

LP backside

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Any more information about this record is most welcome, as is a digital likeness of the cover. LF