Zaïre (D.R Congo)

African - 360.025

Various [Docteur Nico et l'Orchestre African Fiesta Sukisa - Youlou - Checain - Simaro et l'Orchestre O.K. Jazz, Casino, Masta-Zamba - Roger Izeidi et l'Orchestre Vox Africa, etc]

Hit Parade N° 1

01 Kembila Linga Ngai [x](X) X X [X]
Nayebisa To Boni? [x](X) X X [X]
03 Mokili Yo Mabe [x](X) X X [X]
04 Kwanga Fioti Matiti Mingi [x](X) X X [X]
A Balanco [x](X) X X [X]
Balingi Naboya yo [x](X) X X [X]
Bolingo Ya Nzambe [x](X) X X [X]
08 Pasi Ya Lusingu [x](X) X X [X]
09 Mission Mben [x](X) X X [X]

LP total time: 00:00

LP backside

Comment: [Tcheza 10.001]

(The above tracklistings are taken from the back of other African LP's and this information seems to be prone to misspellings, tracks are listed consecutively and does not give information about what is on the A-side or B-side of the record. It also seems to be a practice to abbreviate some information. Any corrections culled from the original record is most welcome, as is a colour digital likeness of the cover. LF)

Thanks to Vincent Luttman for the B&W cover scan!

Any supplementary information welcome!